il Mostro

by iL Mostro

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released January 12, 2019

Mike vocals
Johnny Machine guitar vocals
Rob guitar
Jay bass
Shane drums
Mary Frances vocals on Am I Not?

Released by DeathKiss 2019

Recorded and mixed by Glenn Smith at Amps vs Ohms

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East


all rights reserved



iL Mostro Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Today
Every single move cries impermanence
Time is not your friend
Mechanisms fail and assurances
Cannot ease your mind

And here we all are born
Into bright white chaos and murder
Adrift directionless
In this indifferent universe

Today will not come again

And yet we turn away
Avoid each other's eyes
An exercise in loss

You lock the door while we wither and die
As the night turns it's eyes on you
All alone just like a brand new suit
Even with no body in it
We're killing logic with liquid fire
To hide the minds forgotten truths
The light reflects abandoned objects
And all is left just as before

So many hours will fall through our hands
And a skeletal snap like a branch in the wind
This moment is where all victories lie
And all else
A memory

Come undone
Child of none
Turned away
For tomorrow
Track Name: Cut The Cord
The deep itch of accumulation is guiding you
Drumming of fingers to life's secret heartbeat
Just act confused when accused of your part
In the silence we cloak our admissions of guilt

There you stand
A sentient being
Cut the cord
Connecting us all
An ape a man
A hateful computer
You will kill
But shed no blood

Without the gift of compassion to light your way
Numbers and angles and hypnotic blue screen
A robotic haircut conceals rotten middle
A mirror to show that your skin doesn't fit
Track Name: Increments
Stand true cause the past is coming to age you
It's alright alright
Progress and redemption threaten to save you
I just said alright
You can dodge the pricks with the pints
All you want to
They keep coming back
A skeletons hand that can't wait to pay you
The same every night

Though word deed
This isn't living
We subsist
These increments that we move
See want need
It stands to reason
Something here
But you can't no

Hold still on your martyrs cross
I got acres of nothing I've been thinking bout
Locking up
Hands twitch like a busted clock while I'm living it
Down underground so shut the lights off
I got a prayer a song for the dogs a pill
For the tongue a brick in a windowless room
And what hides in this fading light in the open
Edges of nothing

Do you remember that day when we were
Down in the basement
Discussing the end of the world
It's what it says and what it doesn't say
Track Name: Horror Movie Moon
You can go down
And inhabit the hell in yourself
You can go dark
And deny you were born of the stars
Can't fool me though
For I've learned more than I care to know
There are glimpses but I can't connect

Conserving bricks for future wars
Your line of light a living scar
We've forced the end to come too soon
Beneath this horror movie moon

You can go down
And you might find some peace in yourself
You can go dark
Be resigned to just counting the scars
Can't fool me though
Crashing hard through the hedges and rows
There are times when it pays to forget
Track Name: Clown Car
You stand around like a clown car
Not a thought about the universe
Monday night in a drunk ditch
I got the wound and a beggars purse
It's been a nightmare life of crime
My hand upon the bloodied hilt
With just an eye to terrorize
To fall upon what you have built

And when the dawn upon you breaks
When the sadness grips your heart

You look around confounded
Scared stupid by the turns you take
Burning holes in the furniture
And counting out the pills to take
In the hand of violence
We become the audience
And random gods are notified
As they await their recompense

Countdown to the meltdown
Unencumbered by your apathy
Where the skin meets the pavement
Where our hideout used to be
And the time keeps running out
In this city that's forgotten us
In this city that's forgotten us
We're out of places to hide
Track Name: Immurement
I'm just gonna do what happens
Crash my mind into the shore
For I seek not your favor
I creep around I see beneath

Entertainment as a form of sleep

Take forever to say nothing
Make the the time to watch it burn
I don't predict the winner
I shut it down I seal the leaks

If only we could be somewhere else

A procession of the almost sane
An offering to the queen of the dead things
Entertainment as a form of sleep
Track Name: Am I Not?
Arise this foreign night
This face I can't recall
Am I not the sum of thought
Am I not the name you call
The thinness of belief
Coupled with idiocy
Is it not the path you choose
Is it not the end for me

Right now
I'm here to split it all
Right down to the bone
A kind of edict
Cause when you think you're on
You're only far from home
Who stops the bleeding
What has befallen us
Once so brave we stood
Inside the tempest
For feigned acceptance

Under alien sky
A mind that can't be moved
Am I not the sight unseen
Am I not the living proof
Avoid the wounded word
A thousand traps to spring
Am I not your reflection
Am I not this useless thing

For all that we have lost
For all that time has yet to take
When all the pieces fall
Was it worth it all
Worth it all to you
Track Name: Like Shadows
Coats crawl the floor like shadows
Eyes strain to see no more
There hides death in the lamplight
All who have come before
Something's alive in the ground there
White sounds in a hollow tree
This grief it lives to surround me
Brings black anxiety

Who owns what stands before us
There's no name
What hand reaches to push us
None can claim
No eye be cast upon us
We are the deadly chorus
Don't give up
Don't give in

Doubts burst to life like bullets
Refuse to be contained
Some words are said to deceive us
Meanings get rearranged
Ignore the face in the window
A trick of bending light
Entwined we live to endure this
This never ending night

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